A collection of short stories for Sunday

A collection of short stories for Sunday...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Great Playground-Maker Amazing!

Here is the link to a youtube movie of the story:

by J.D. Clark

Throughout the town was spread his fame,
and children hailed and praised his name,
when the Great Playground-Maker Amazing came,
for hope was nearly spent.

For the swing chains snapped when kids were airborne,
and the rusty old slide left their clothes stained and torn,
and the merry-go-round sounded like a foghorn,
and some monkey bars were missing or bent.

And underneath the jungle gym dome
were snakes where the weeds were overgrown,
and what else was down there was unknown,
so no one dared fall thru...

And the playground fort was so rundown,
that hiders and seekers were easily found,
and the seesaw couldn't get off the ground,
because it had broken in two.

And then, a stranger came to town,
and he had the old playground bulldozed down,
which made all the children sad and frown,
for they had nowhere left to play.

But especially sad was one skinny girl,
who had thick hair with a kinky curl,
for she loved to slide, and swing, and twirl,
and a child she wanted to stay.

"Come now,"said the man,"don't be so blue,
for there are more important things to do,
than playing like monkeys on bars at the zoo,
for you must grow up some day."

But the girl found a stick in a field close by,
and wrote a message up to the sky,
hoping that someone would see it and try,
to rescue the playground somehow...

Yet the playground remained barren and still,
and the skinny young girl fell very ill,
and more and more tears out of her eyes did spill,
for it seemed there was no hope now...

'Til the Great Playground-Maker Amazing arrived,
in a plane with a golden cane by his side,
and with a waive of his cane the playground came alive,
so that all the children could play.

And he built for them an amazing playground,
where the slides went up instead of down,
and the swings swung all the way around.
'Twas every child's dream come true.

Where roller coaster-monkey bars crossed,
and the forts were like mazes where all cares were lost,
and the seesaws teetered and tottered and tossed
kids up past the clouds into blue.

Where merry-go-rounds took off to the sky,
like flying saucers they spun so high,
and all kids could do was laugh and try,
their very best to hang on.

Where jungle gym domes were a half-mile high,
and as climbers fell thru, they didn't cry,
for they fell into mountains of ice cream and pie,
and ate 'til all hunger was gone.

And the skinny young girl who was quite sick,
lost all her hair that was once very thick,
but the smile that grew on her face did stick,
when she saw the amazing playground.

For she swung on the swing, and got to twirl,
and she was the happiest little girl,
and she even gave the slide a whirl,
that went up instead of down.

And she slid up high, up into the sky,
and passed the beds of clouds on by,
while all of the children stood silently nigh,
with anxious eyes they were gazing...

They waited for her to come back down,
but she did not, for she was bound,
for an even more amazing playground,
with the Great Playground-Maker Amazing!

The End.

1 comment:

  1. I'd have to take my kids to this playground daily!
    Beautiful story.
    My niece just had her last chemo therapy treatment in December.
    She's doing well and hopefully will lead a happy life.
    She still will be checked on till she's 18 (she's 7) but fingers crossed it doesn't come back.